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On this page you will find the running and completed proposals

Id PI Title Priority Time Due date
p69 Sala Searching for novae in Galacti… 8 0.5 h. Closed
p159 Schindler Studying Triton's atmosphere d… 9 3 h. Closed
p53 Perger Confirmation of Neptune-size E… 8 5.6 h. Closed
p93 Vilardell First astrometric measurements… 8 7 h. Closed
p73 Carrasco Observing Gaia 9 9 h. Closed
p83 Trigo-Rodríguez Observing stellar occultations… 9.5 10 h. Closed
p31 Palau Testing the bloated star hypot… 5 12 h. Closed
p59 Palau Testing the `bloated star' hyp… 8.5 12 h. Closed
p65 Herrero Characterization of the atmosh… 5 12 h. Closed
p77 Hooper Follow-up observations of a pl… 6 12 h. Closed