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Visiting the observatory

Given the performance of this scientific equipment, then OAdM is only opened to the general public on the occasion of the open day visits. Here you can find the calendar of the open days for 2018:
  • Sunday 20th of May at 12h (closed)
  • Sunday 10th of June at 12h (closed)
  • Sunday 15th of July at 12h (closed)
  • Sunday 12th of August at 12h (closed)
  • Sunday 9th of September at 12h (closed)
The visit consists on a guided tour though the various facilities of the observatory (the Joan Oró telescope, the Fabra-ROA Montsec telescope and de XO-Montsec telescope), where the astronomers will explain how the astronomical observations are carried out and what kind of research is done at the OAdM. The visit lasts about an hour and is free.

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